Post zine fest zine sale

Lots of zines have been added to the store. Here's a quick preview of what's currently available:

 Road Warriors is my latest zine focusing on the topic of transportation.

The Wizard Spells trilogy has been reprinted for your zine collecting pleasures. Buy one or all to learn what all the commotion is about.

You think you know a thing or two about bikes? Wrong. Buy this zine to learn why.

Teamwork makes dream twerk. Just sayin'.

Click over to the store and buy them all.

Time Wasted

I just started printing my latest zine, Time Wasted. It's about a trip I took down the Mississippi River with some friends back in 2008. The zine is 28 pages containing black and white photographs and text by yours truly. Click over to the store to pick up your copy today.

Spring cleaning

My studio is steadily filling up with paintings as I prepare a new body of work to show in the fall. As a result, I am looking to unload some paintings and photographs that have accumulated in my pile of work.

Here are some of the paintings and photographs I'm selling in my store:

Winning Mural

I finished a toilet themed mural in a bathroom at Winning Cafe in Albuquerque, NM last June, 2017. It is titled: Lifestyles. This was my first official mural painting and decidedly not my last. Go to the cafe to see the mural in all it's glory, because these are just some crappy smart phone panoramas.

Drawing about bikes

I've spent a lot of time on two wheels and I figured posting some bicycle related drawings would be an appropriate way to begin the blog portion of my website. I made these drawings for various reasons over the past 3 years, none of which are really worth pointing out, except that I'm a bike nerd. Here ya go.