down the road of recollection

Even more time back Juan, Justin, Nick and I piled into a car and drove southwest to escape the frigid temperatures of Minnesota for two weeks.

Rode the interstate all the way through to Vegas in 13 hours flat.  Saw a good share of cornfields, mountains and deserts.  After some ditch diving and some walmart shoppin’ we got a dinghy hotel next to the strip.  Then we drank, talked to strangers and collected playing cards.   Tom Arnold adjusted Nick’s hat.  Juan salsa-line-danced with the street gypsies.  And of course Justin hurdled a chain link fence.

The next morning brought bright sun light and cement skateparks.  So we all worked on our tan lines and did some one-hander-landers.  But even nightfall fell that day; so we left Vegas for the Grand Canyon.  We found a comfortable graveyard in a small town along the way to shack up for the night.  But turns out it was a pet cemetery and since Juan is allergic to cats we stayed at the nearby community college instead.  After a good bottle of whiskeys’ sleep our wake up call started the next day out correctly.  Because of the 7 o’clock security force we hit the road faster than a squirrel on fire to the Canyon and hung around with the snow and pine trees.

We all eyed up a Canyon gap (pics on facebook) but no one had any guts.  So we had a snowball dual and got real gnarly on some trees.

Then we drove to Phoenix and met up with Kyle and Bink for the mini-ramp clinic.  Karl Malone was there demonstrating triple eagle clawed 540s.  They were most unruly.

The next day we refused the water parks offer of equal parts relaxation and excitement to ride dirt jumps.

And so we got all rad.  You shoulda been there.  Man.

But really those were some nice jumps.  Thanks for letting us ride them.
P.s. Don’t recall the names of the dirt jump owners/care takers.

Anywho, that evening was spent at Rudy’s (Juan’s cousin) shot gunning liquid motivation.  And the next day we were so motivated we actually drove to LA to eat cheeseburgers.  After the cheeseburgers we sought a place to sleep.  North of LA a bit near the coast we found a posh campsite.  This campsite required purchase of wood in order to have a campfire; which we thought was bullshit so we scavenged twigs and half burnt logs.  And we had ourselves the hottest fire that ever burnt on the west side of the Mississippi.

The next morning was spent pissing in the campground’s pool.

Dried off and drove to Santa Clara.  Went to a school and took some intelligence tests.  All tests of which we scored exceptionally well on because we all abuse Adderall.  Then went to some house to watch the rock and roll band that Matt is a member of perform cover songs.  The music had people on their feet drinking.  Nick projectile vomited.  After the music we played in the gutters and the bushes.  Nick fell asleep behind the wheel of the car.  Juan slept in the passenger.  They looked like they had recently filmed a wine cooler advertisement...

The next day we set out for San Fran.  Once there we immediately began bombing hills.

Ponytails were used liberally.

Later on we made our way through the Golden Gate Park.

Then decided to visit the ocean.  I went into the Pacific’s cold and salty waters.  It was exuberant.  Juan was ‘pantsed’ by a beach troll.

That evening we met up with Chelsea at her well-located location.  Settled in pretty nice for the next 5 evenings.  We gave ourselves a few days to rest, recover and drink heavily, because we really needed the break.

There was a potent amount of rain throughout our stay in San Fran so we didn’t cycle as much as we might have had there been less or no rain.  Really.  Regardless we wandered about and, you know, saw stuff.

Justin busted this shutter of yours truly.

We spent a good amount of time at Chelseas place just hanging out.

Comparing our lint collections left Juan cowering in a corner consumed by pure joy.

Some old dude was doing wheel chair burn outs all over the place.

That’s pretty much all I have to say on the subject of San Fran so let me tell you about driving back to MN.  We braved mountain snowfalls and suicide blizzards.  Ran out of gas.  Enjoyed a Wyoming skatepark, a movie and a drug-sniffing dog.  And before we could sneeze, puke and burp simultaneously we were home.