Summer Shoot-Out

Two Augusts ago myself and a band of roving boheems reconstructed ourselves a boat and made our way down the Mississippi river to the gulf. Respectively.

More on those happenings soon.
Annnd some more unrelated panoramos for your musings.

During the previous summer there was this cat named Fritz that crashed on our couch and our faces for about a month. Fritz enjoyed cigarette butts, spreading eagle and the occasional foot chase with the motives of clawing a shin or two.

Towards the end of his stay he had a run-in with a neighborhood alley stray of greater size which did not end very well for him as you can see in the picture above.
At another juncture this previous summer I found myself spending a Sunday with some friends at a rollercoastered park of themes. The sun was out and burning that day. Andy made a decent effort towards staying cool.

We bought beer, peanuts, pizza flavored combos and cigarettes at a gas station along the way.

After the turnstile we walked around and stood in lines.

The lines we impatiently shifted our weight in mostly ended with a brief seatbelted sitting.

Eventually we built immunities to the adrenaline and boredom fell on us like the curtains of nightfall.
Otherwise, I cycled to work almost every day this summer and to help pass time along the way I'd try my hand at and ride-by shooting.

Furthermore, time this past summer was also spent slapping hands and becoming moderately distraught.