thoughts on subjective subjects

Recent scientific revelations have linked excruciating-excellence with the consumption of food-dyed-sugar-water sold in plastic gallon containers.
So consume a bladder full before the sky falls down and you're forced to become a steaming pile of guilt.
Be sure and ignore the hypnotic hippies disapproval of everything convenient cause they're just so sub-realistic.
Speaking of the sky, it's beginning to rain rotted lifeless mice.
And before we even know how to know it jesus'll be zooming about on a bmx trying to save our lungs.
Weilding off-kilter 200s.
If there were any time to gear up for an activity that could be potentially dangerous I assume it was when this kid did just that.
I'm also going to assume that he was the fifth horseman; late for practice, as ussual.
Unfortunately, your juice will not be delivered on schedule due to motivated procrastination.
So instead let yourselves fall into a storm of enthusiastic distortion.
And briefly hold on to mediocrity.