wise advise

The other day I gathered some of the many burning questions we all want Justin Dewitt to answer. Asked him and recorded his responses. And to accompany this insightful look into Mr. Dewitt's hair follicles are some photographs from recent times out and around on the bicycle.

Lets say you're walking the sidewalk of an empty street. There's only a man pushing a shopping cart filled with plastic bags on the sidewalk and he stops you and asks, "Hey mister, I gots a lady at home who I needs ta treat right tonnight. You look like the kinda guy who knows dis sorta thing. What shoulda do?" How do you respond?
Immediately, we walk, we talk. We end up 20 feet away at the Trend Nightclub/bar. A few rounds of beer-coffees and whiskeys are consumed. We ditch the old lady and DANCE THE NIGHT AWAYYYY. A penny saved is a penny earned.

What do these words mean to you?
yeah baby
you ain't seen nothing if you think that i'm a bitch now
check it out
check it out
just watch me
just watch me
i wasn't tryin' to be a hooker sellin' pootang
up and down the block just ain't my thing
I think to myself, what a wonderful world. I mean we've got coffee so strong you'll be up for days on end wondering why you haven't burned your fingerprints off yet. In the future there will be no fingerprints. You never know what's next so loose some sleep every now and then.

Beer and skittles or cigarettes and frosting? Simultaneously of course.
Why can't I have my cake and eat it too? I'll take both on a silver platter, mayonaise on the side.

So you've $35 to spend at a thrift store of your choice and you need a new outfit to wear for a dinner at a sophisticated eatery with just your girlfreind's parents. You've dated this girl for 5 days and she's a complete bore. What do you purchase?
I walk into the Valu-Thrift with a beer-coffee. Empty it and set it on the checkout, not even tipping. I buy back my dad's old golf suit and steel toed slippers. I walk out wearing the new threads leaving my old ones behind. What can I say? I'm generous this time of season. You gotta give some to get some.

Lets say you're riding the bus on your way home from Kinkos and a guy in his thirties gets on becoming the only other rider besides yourself and sits right next to you. He's wearing jeans and a leather vest with nothing underneath. And he just stares at you while breathing heavily. What the fuck are you going to do?
Naturally I'd ask him where he was headed, his name, you know. Just get to know him a little bit. Then we'd hit the Trend Nightclub/bar. Some beer-coffee and whiskeys, we DANCE THE NIGHT AWAYYYYYY!

What did you end up saying to that guy suffering a bad case of diarrhea in the stall next to you the other day?
It's a wild, hard world and almost isn't good enough. Just keep a clean head on your shoulders and you'll do alright boy. GO FOR BROKE!

So there you have it folks. Don't forgot to eat your peas.