sitting around

Not a moment too soon did I notice the discord that was about to take place. She stomped into the room and to do so she had to pass through knee-high piles of garbage and excrement. Kicking cans, coffee grounds and crumbled paper about her. And the look on her face was that of someone who'd just been bitten by a 12 legged scorpion. The 12 legged scorpion actually had only 10 functioning legs and 2 arching stingers.  There was a scientific name that the scorpion was eventually assigned but for as long as anyone cares to recall it's been called the 12 legged scorpion. Its scientific name is Euscorpious Flavanoidus.
Here's the thing, the scorpion has two 3 inch long venom filled stingers which it never chooses to use in circumstances where self-defense would be an appropriate response. Instead the scorpion will attempt to sink its fairly dull teeth into whatever may threaten it. And to be bitten by such an agressive looking creature ussually causes its victim to assume imminent death.
So she looked around the room after she had stopped kicking through the knee high body of filth and trash and asked where the toilet was. She didn't really ask anyone in particular because she just continued to slowly look around. Never meeting anyones eyes.