Spare change

"Hey miss, I gotta catch a bus to my girls place, we're gonna watch the game. She's makin' fish-stick-tacos an she hates it real bad when her fish-stick-tacos get cold before I get home. So I gotta get across town an I got no money for the bus. I'll take what ever you can spare."
So the poor little college student with tears in her eyes gives the man a five dollar bill. The guy thanks her and tells her that Jesus, God and Moses will remember her charity.
Then the beggar turns to the sad man with a briefcase behind the poor little college student in line for the atm at a super america gas station and starts with a new gut spilling sob story, "Excuse me mister, I don't mean to bother you but this is an emergency. I got the clap three years ago from a Vietnamese prostitute in the Vietnam war serving our country. For your freedom. And after countless visits to many doctors around this beautiful country I've found that my best option is to get my wang chopped right off tomorrow morning. But before I go through with my only life saving option I wanna lay one more prostitute. The problem is, with how much doctors charge these days, I haven't got a penny left. I'll take what ever your kind heart can spare. Did I mention I have kids?"
"I know what you're going through," replied the sad man with a briefcase just before bursting into tears. The beggar grabbed the ten dollar bill from the sad mans trembling hand and told him that he probably won't go to hell and burn for eternity because of his great kindness towards fellow man.
On a fairly unrelated note, I made a pinhole camera and shot a photograph with it. Here's how it turned out.