And now...

I present to you two exquisite ways to shit the bed.

That's how they say it when there aren't any soft ears around to become offended.

But, oftentimes, there are sensitive minds about so they put it that way when they aren't in any mood to tip-toe around.

So the first diagram shows a scenario where one (like so many of us) does not see their life's end sneaking so close.

You must click on the picture above to receive the entire experience.

Can there be a surprise ending for the fatal fatalist?

Nextly, and almost lastly, I recall a particular time in which I was urinating upon an ant hill. Shortly after zipping my jeans I was struck with a horrendous vision of enlightenment. The vision was this, a horse was perched over me urinating upon my face as other horses gathered to laugh and smoke cigars. Now, I'm not really a man of the Karmatic mindset. Nor can I justify a God sodomizing such a vision into my mind. And it may be worth considering all the LSD that had made a home in my bowels that fateful afternoon. This vision, to me, simply meant don't be a dickhead.

One who is considered a dickhead rarely has a penis for a head.

And now I give you diagram number two.

Does the Karmacist believe in Newton's laws of motion summarized as, "To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction"?