Total Political Bummer

Voting, as we're so often told by rock the vote, vote hard!, vote your eyes out or whatever label "nonpartisans" are now using, is an the act of voicing our opinions, beliefs, etc. as citizens. Because our elected representatives serve in office, for the good of the people, as a proper voice of the popular opinion.
Yea, and that's exactly what they're doing.
These elected officials with their swelling campaign budgets.
Target, Kraft, GM and/or whoever else (with some weight to throw around) with their hands in politicians pockets yanking the joysticks.
What a system to feel like a vote for one politician over the next will make a difference!
'Vote for the lesser of the two evils' as is so often the earnest piece of advice.
What a second rate way to voice your opinion!
I could go on.

I'm curious, has the American government always been a shit bag of useful corruption for the rich and powerful or has there been a progression of sorts from a time when people were represented much more accurately or am I just some delusional anti-establishment hippie?

Aw, I'd care if there was something I could do about it.


Dear Facebook,
I voted!
By not voting.