Cruisin' Burque on a bike

I set out the other day in the blasting springtime winds that are customary in Albuquerque for an evening cruise by bike. The winds left me for the most part pedaling the easy gears. Except for the end of the ride, when I charged my way back home with a sturdy tail-wind. Like many other bike cruises I've endured before I was river bound.

The wind can be observed in the treetops.

I came upon a bird fight near the river. The brawl raged for a few minutes until the birds realized my enthusiastically close proximity. So they resolved their differences (or postponed them) and waddled off somewhere to presumably take a shit.

Rivers are the best part about any town that is fortunate enough to be built near or at them. Even if they are scummier than your bathroom sink. Why? Because they don't hang around bars and universities attempting to seem sophisticated. They just keep moving. 
Plus they usually have some casual single track to shred.

I had to cross the train yard in my pursuit of the river. Trains are like rivers. They both transport deadbeats and commercial excess.

I also came across a stark and ugly house for rent. It's in an alright neighborhood. And the mailboxes are adequately labeled for future tenants.

And that was my Monday evening.